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English is among the most predominant famous and the leading language of international discourse around The world. The English language belongs to the west German language family and was first spoken during the time of early medieval England. After the same, the language got its name from the place of origin which is England. The language has a different instance in history and due to the English occupation in different countries around the world, the language expanded in its form. It is due to the reason it is considered as one of the first languages with a large variety of speakers across the world. When it comes to the native-speaking population the language has 400 million speakers across the globe. The language also has L2 speakers which consider it as a second language which accounts for 750 million population. The language also belongs to the Indo-European family and comes under the germanic and West Germany language group. The language English is quite significantly close to some of the other ones including Frisian and Low Saxon.

The language also has different varieties of dialects across the world and almost every country has its own particular type of English dialect in the way of speaking. While considering the number of speakers English language is the largest language in the world. When it comes to the native language it comes in the third position after standard Chinese and Spanish. The language also has earned the top spot in the most widely learn the second language across the world where it is the official languages of about 67 States across the world.

The geographical distribution of the English language

The English languages spread across the world via different means. From countries of Europe, North America, South America to Asia and also the countries of Asia there is a large amount of English speaking community everywhere. English has a native-speaking population especially in England, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand which are generally referred to as the Anglo-Eastern languages. It is also the most spoken German language. There are different other regions across the world in which it is not regarded as the official language but spoken by a large variety of population. In some of the other places especially in those Commonwealth countries, English has a large number of speaking populations even though the language is not the native speaking language. In countries like South Africa, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and many more they the language serves as the second language but has also given the status of official language.

All throughout best assistance in English

The English language is quite popular across the world and there is a significant amount of population in almost every country. But the problem lies when it comes to providing English assistant to any other languages across the world. The English language belongs from the German category of languages and there are some of the other languages having completed different routes of origin and other structures. Hence, while comparing English to the same variable languages includes different ambiguities between both languages. The English language has also involved and hence finding out the best and most effective English assistant in the USA is easy but when it is linked with some of the other languages you need to to consider the same over the process too. Documentation work in English is necessary for various different states whether it is countries or non-sovereign entities.

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Count of languages is always there to provide you the assistance in any language across the world. It is not particularly English assistant or any other particular service, our customer services are always available throughout languages of different routes. When it comes to providing English interpretation in the US you can easily be able to find reliable services which translate and interpret while providing language assistance from any language to English.

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