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Website translation services online to tap into the global market fast

Until yesterday, close to 50 percent of the content over the web was in English; although only a quarter of the world understood English. But there is a paradigm shift being observed because of other languages growing strong over the internet with an intense pace. What is propelling this change? Undeniably, it is because of the emergence of website language translation online services or website localization services.

What is website localization? In simple terms, it is the process of adapting existent language of the website content to local language via translation. It is far beyond just mere text translation; as it also involves civilization of website text and non-text elements with respect to cultural context of the target market. Thus, it is the fundamental aspect of web translation services.

Website translation today, matters more than ever. But why?

It is not just a sheer coincidence that three quarters of Fortune 500 companies have multilingual websites. They have realized the unfathomable potential of having a multilingual site. In addition, following this trend, many businesses evidenced a growth of 2x post their launch of multilingual website. So, if you are a business entity seeking expansion to different territories and want to connect with the world in a language that a particular sect of people there can relate to, then professional website translation is the best way to get the better of cultural nuances and thereby reaching target audience quickly and effectively.

Choose Count of Languages for your multilingual website translation needs

We at Count of Languages understand that to enter into the world market, internet is your doorway. We are also aware of what loss it is to you when a potential customer or reader lands on your web page but walks away, not able to associate with the language of your website content. Therefore, our website language translators online are braced up to translate your professional or personal website into any language that your customers or readers can easily understand.

To translate a website is a cumbersome task and is also prone to errors if the translating tools are inefficient or outdated. Therefore, we employ latest context-based translator tools and translation memory so that the quality and promise of quick turnaround are never compromised.

Advantages of website translation online from us include:

  • Faster engagement with wider audience
  • Effective brand positioning across diverse cultures
  • Competitive and honest pricing
  • Dedicated and world-class customer support
  • Highest quality web translation service
  • Privacy of business data guaranteed
  • Availability of translation in 400 plus languages
  • Right usage of conventions for numerical and other formats
  • Ideal for regular company website and e-commerce platforms
  • Justified value for money and time

Get ready to make an enduring impact on local audience or increase your international presence without even stepping out of your home or office. Carry the right message to your customers or readers and witness a dramatic hike in conversion or followers respectively with one stop website translation services online from Count of Languages.

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