Video Remote Interpreting Services

A better understanding of video remote interpreting and its role

When we talk about language access technology, video remote interpretation or VRI is creating benchmarks. It is filling the space between telephone interpreting and on-site interpreting. Besides, it is one of the three major delivery mechanisms of interpretation that has a significant role in various fields of specialization or sectors by way of blurring the communication barriers. VRI services are ideal for usage in schools, universities, business meetings, government, medical or healthcare appointments, legal and even for personal day-to-day use. Having said that, its application is considerably apparent in the field of hospital departments, especially for communicating with hard-to hear or deaf patients.

Video remote interpreting is an on-demand video telecommunication technology that through the help of videophones, tablets (using cellular connection) or computers enabled with web cameras, over a high-speed internet connection, delivers spoken language interpreting or sign language services in several languages. This multi-lingual video streaming service is performed by a remote or offsite interpreter who makes efficient communication possible between the parties, which is otherwise impossible. Thus, VRI plays a principal role in facilitating better communication between hard-of hearing-persons and persons with no impairment or with limited English proficiency (LEP), provided both the parties are in the same location.

Count of Languages for reliable video remote interpreting services

We create a dependable and inexpensive possibility for a business to connect with its potential clients and also for a person to connect with his / her respective community on a more individualized level through our video remote interpretation solutions.

As one of the reputed and professional video remote interpreting providers, we offer fast touch base in times of emergency situations that demand direct connections along with robust visual contact. Our video remote interpreters are endowed with superior experience and are therefore able to offer interpreting facility with greater precision for any spoken language and American Sign Language (ASL) via the visual backing accompanying VRI. The good news is, our video remote interpretation service can be availed in more than 400 global languages including some of the rare spoken languages.

Core benefits you can enjoy by choosing our VRI services

  • Dedicated customer and technical support
  • 24/7 service on demand with no planning efforts
  • On the spot access to service at affordable pricing
  • Highly qualified video remote interpreters
  • Compatible with personal computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Speedy internet connectivity or 4G mobile services employed
  • Simple design with easy setup for greater convenience
  • Video and audio quality of highest standard
  • Live and real-time interpretation
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality assured

Instant and easily accessible communication at your service

Be it global affiliate announcements of a company, international presentations or investor relation conferences, converse with confidence every time and any time with robust support from our qualified video remote interpreters to make your every event a grand success. Get in touch with us to speak in your own language, be it a sign language or spoken language, as your addressees watch and listen to you in their preferred language over the internet without missing out on any valuable aspect of the conveyed information.

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