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Like translation and interpretation, transcription makes global communication simple yet effective. In a linguistic sense, it is a process in which utterances, both speech and sign language, are converted into writing in the same or target language for easy understanding and communication.

To put it simply, a transcribed document is created by listening to the source file, either in audio or video file format and then writing or typing the spoken words as is with complete accuracy and attention to detail. If the need be, the transcribed text is then translated into other target languages as in foreign language translation. In general, depending on the medium, transcription can be broadly classified into audio transcription and video transcription.

When is transcription service required?

Audio and video transcription service holds good for providing better user experience and accessibility to deaf and hard of hearing viewers or viewers in a sound-prohibitive surrounds and to non-native speakers. In today's modern parlance, it has thus almost become a necessity rather than just a linguistic service. Transcription is used to-

  • Boost corporate social responsibility
  • Transcribe audio for voice over
  • Transcribe audio for subtitles and closed captions
  • For multilingual translation process
  • Save time and effort documenting audio files
  • Meet customer queries, feedback, grievances, etc.
  • Help professionals maintain a record for reference
  • To market over digital and traditional media

Audio and video transcription services online from Count of Languages

If you are looking for best transcription services for your business and personal growth, then you are at the right place. Count of Languages is a trust-worthy provider of top class transcription services online for your English and foreign language transcription needs. We have a proven track record of producing clear, accurate and professional documents transcribed in time at any time. Be it monolingual, interpretive or double column transcription, our skilled team of transcribers and language experts are capable of catering to every kind of transcription requirement, without compromising on the quality and preciseness of the transcribed document. We provide audio transcription online as well as video transcription online for market research, business, medicine, law, interviews and much more.

Audio transcription service- This service involves transcribing the source file, that is in audio format to written or text format without changing the context. Hence, it is also referred as audio to text transcription service.

Video transcription service- This service deals with transcribing your video's audio into text using human transcribers and sometimes automatic speech recognition technology. Meaning, with this video to text transcription service, you can get a text version of all the words spoken in the target video.

Get verbatim transcript in any language across the globe

Thousands of professionals including journalists, editors, physicians, businessmen, attorneys, executives, etc. are reaping the benefits of our professional transcription services. You too can be part of such a huge satisfied customer base by contacting Count of Languages for error-free audio and video transcription needs. We guarantee a quality transcription service online at no extra costs and no hassles. Get started now!

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