Telephonic Interpreting Services

Hassle free and cost-effective telephonic interpreting services

When an interpretation is conducted over a phone with the help of human interpreters, it is referred to as telephone interpreting. This over-the phone interpreting is essentially helpful, when two or more individuals participating in a meeting (usually a telephone call) do not share a common language and require an interpreter to bridge the communication gap. Telephone interpreters listen to the conversation carefully and then interpret each and every word from the spoken language to the target language for easy understanding by the listener. Since the availability of this service is dependent on the requirement and needs no prior notice as in pre-arranged interpretation, it is also called as on demand telephone interpreting.

Phone translation service is one of the best alternative delivery mechanisms to face to face interpretation as far as interpreting services are concerned and is also the least expensive service option. Although, phone interpreting is oftentimes carried on in consecutive manner, it can also be conveyed in simultaneous mode if required. In a consecutive telephonic interpretation, the live human interpreter pauses for the speaker to complete speaking and interprets the uttered words in the target language. Whereas, the latter is for a one-way broadcast application, wherein, the speaker speaks in one language and the hearers are able to listen to the spoken words in their own language.

Phone interpreter service is helpful in various following situations, but not limited to.

  • Ad hoc work or business related meetings requiring language support
  • Business presentations including projects and products
  • Remote training sessions for geographically dispersed people
  • Meetings between participants that speak different languages
  • Get together of international conglomerates
  • Company announcements in multiple languages
  • Emergency language help overseas for medical appointments
  • Language assistance during travel arrangements
  • Language support for court appointments and hearings
  • International business phone calls or trade negotiations
  • Contract talks or sales discussions.

Over-the phone interpretation service from Count of Languages

Although a popular modality for interpreting, telephone interpretation can be effective only if the sound quality and stableness of phone connections are in place. At Count of Languages, we ensure that you get a better interpretation setup with sufficient superiority of sound and connectivity.

Besides, our team of professional telephone interpreters with their relevant subject matter expertise and linguistic skills can cater to any kind of over-the phone interpretation assignments dedicatedly, confidently and efficaciously. You can avail language interpretation assistance for more than 400+ languages with high accuracy within a matter of seconds and without wasting time in travel. Thus, our telephonic interpretation services are not only inexpensive but save you valuable time.

On demand phone interpreting is the best way to communicate in real time

Visual contact is desirable but if you are not able to find face to face interpreters within a short notice then on-phone interpretation is the practical and quick solution. Get ready for on-demand access to best human interpreters over the telephone when you want to converse with the people that speak different language from yours. Connect with Count of Languages at any time for your telephone interpretation needs and stay connected with the world via our special toll-free number without worrying about the language.

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