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In today's fast-paced world, there is a greater need for creating interactive relationships in order to benefit from the advancements the other countries are making in different fields. Although English is the widely used language, even among the non-English speaking countries, the prominence of local culture and language cannot be undermined. Nowadays, the incredible development in internet and communications technology is simplifying the global interaction for mutual benefit. Consequently, online translation services have emerged, making effortless and quick communication in multiple local languages very much possible.

Count of Languages is one of the leading translation agencies in US or UK that offers beyond simple translation services. Our network consists of a huge pool of linguists that can cater to demand for translation in 400 native languages with high precision. We extend our unparalleled professional translation services to various fields such as science and technology, literature, commercial enterprise, tourism, academic, law, religion, mass communication, banking & finance, etc. Thus, we help our clients beef up their relationship with their valued customers and eventually gain their trust by communicating in a language the latter can associate with.

As a trustworthy language translation service company, we understand that people depend on us for their important things- legal, business, admission forms, citizenship, insurance claims, personal needs and much more. Therefore, we take their needs as our foremost responsibility by adhering to strict quality standards. There are no lengthy lines, the process is completely online. To get started, you just need to choose the language of your choice for translation and upload the file to be translated, providing few basic details for better understanding of translation requirement.

Why choose Count of Languages for your valuable translational needs?

  • Fast turnaround translation services
  • Time-tested and result-driven methodologies
  • Guaranteed high quality deliverables
  • 100 % online translation service provider
  • Better alternative to conventional translation services
  • Professional translators and verified language experts only
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden costs
  • All types of file formats accepted
  • Translation services available in 400 local languages
  • Confidentiality of the documents assured
  • No minimum requirement
  • Excellent customer service

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Array of online translation services we offer:

Whether you require translation services for business, profession, enterprise or personal need, our unbeatable language translation expertise can help you with the following:

Document Translation - Specialized document translation services aid in translation of various text files or written pieces related to training & instruction manuals, medical & healthcare, literature, science, technology and others. Read More

Certified Translation - This service deals with translation of high school and university application, immigration, passports, government certificates, birth & death certificates, marriage certificates, licenses, medical records, etc. that require meticulous evaluation certifying that the translation is accurate and complete.

Website Translation Website translation or localization helps companies in the maintenance of their websites in localized content versions for maximum reachability to global customers.

Legal Translation Legal documentation and translation services involve precise translation of text or documents within the legal system of the particular culture or country. This include translation of legal documents related to tax, insurance, commercial, banking, property, etc.

Fast Track Translation - Also known as rush translation, this service option is ideal for urgent translation needs, especially for businesses, wherein, time is money. Fast track translation delivers quick time solutions in comparison to standard translation services, without any hassles.

Transcription Transcription is a method by which an audio file or video file is transcribed into a readable or written document. The foreign audio or video file can even be converted into respective file in native language as per the client's requirement.

Count of Languages can cater to your evolving global translation needs speedily, confidently and reliably. Enabled with years of professional translation expertise, highly skilled translators, transcriptionists, proof readers, quality analysts, and dedicated supportive team, we can translate a single memo and mammoth-sized volumes of documents with equal efficiency and accuracy. Thus, with us by your side, you can easily reach a wider audience for your company or enjoy a streamlined translation of your personal documents. Trust the expertness of leading online translation service company so that you are heard right and understood completely. Contact us right now for best language translation needs at a better price, within time.