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              When it comes to Translation Services, Be rest assured with Count Of Languages

We at Count of Languages take pride in being the #Best Translation Service Provider across the globe. Let it be a simple document or a Medical Journal, which needs to be translated for better understanding purpose, we do it all. Our array of Translation Service includes but not limited to;

Document Translation 

At times, there are some documents which are written or needs to be delivered only in their native language. Our Specialized document translation service aids in extending help for all such documents. Not only do we translate the document effectively, but also assist you with pronunciation in case you doubt at all. The document can either be a text file, written manuals, Training methodology booklets, or instruction manuals in Medical, Healthcare or Specialized document. We do it all for you and that too at an affordable cost. 

Certified Translation 

As the name suggests, this service deals in translating documents for high school, universities and legislation papers which need certification for authentication. This service can assist you with fetching documents from Local passport office, Registrars and Marriage Certificates. Since these documents are of high authenticity requisite, these needs to be translated through a meticulous translation approach , so that it can be attained in its most accurate form and duly completed.

Website Translation

Native Language Websites always get attention far better than a website in global language. To enhance your reach, Website translation or localization can come to savage. It helps businesses in better maintenance of their websites and boost traffic to their website. It has been in trend to as localized content versions gain maximum reach to global customers.

Legal Translation

A legislative paper can be hard to understand when you are in a foreign country. The solution here is to get Legal documentation and translation services done through precise understanding of text or documents in accordance to the jurisdiction and legislature norms of the particular country. Here in Special credit goes to Legal translators, as they assist you in better understanding of legal documents such as tax, insurance, commercial and banking sector documents.

Fast Track / Rush Translation 

You can always opt for this type of translation, when your turn around time is very less. In businesses, time is money, and Fast Track Translation assist you to encash the valuable time, and make the most out of it. When we do fast track translations, we deliver urgent documents in real time, being ensured of the content and derivatives required during the translation of the said document.


There are stances, when minute of meetings are recorded, and hence needs to be transcribed for future reference. Transcription is one such method which converts an audio file into your native document. Transcription is a method by which an audio file or video file is transcribed into a readable or written document. The foreign audio or video file can even be converted into respective file in native language as per the client's requirement. 

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