Translation and interpreting service for the police and investigations

According to legal professionals and researchers, apart from interviewing the suspected persons, it is equally important to interview the victims and witnesses because their recorded statements have a great significance in the investigation’s outcome. Poor or inappropriate interviewing, sometimes, due to language or cultural barriers may lead to complete failure of the investigation process. This is where, specialized translation and interpreting services come handy for the police and investigations.

Interpretation and translation play a very crucial role in pre-trial phase, especially for an honest trial. The investigation statements and evidence prior to the trial turns into an integral part of the police file presented to the court. Therefore, precise and systematic interpreting or oral statements or translation of written statements in affairs related to the police and investigations are very helpful in proving a person’s innocence or guilt.

Foreign language assistance from Count of Languages

Count of Languages provides unmatched quality language services in 400 languages to assist the police in communicating with victims, suspects and witnesses with ease; thus, supporting and speeding up the criminal and its related inquiries. We have a skilled team specialized in working effectively with the police forces even under high pressure environment including crime scenes, interrogation chambers, prisons, etc.

Our qualified interpreters for the police and investigations are native speakers with a strong command of foreign languages. They are not only knowledgeable about the terminologies used by the police but also understand the complexity of their role, the ethics they are bound to follow, the sensitive nature of such affairs, court room etiquette and the impact of their inability to deliver accuracy and quality. Thus, they carry their job in accordance with the mandated interrogation procedures.

Our experienced translators for the police and investigations are proficient in global languages; in using legal terminology in the right context and delivering the output with 100% accuracy. From witness statements to police statements and court documents to final judgments, we have the strong ability and expertise to translate any documents pertaining to law and crime. Besides, our translation and interpreting services for the police and investigations are cost-effective.

If you need interpreter for investigative interviews or translator for legal documentation, Count of Languages can help you fast. For more information on language services, please contact our dedicated customer support team right now.

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