OnSite Interpreting Services

Onsite interpretation services for a seamless communication

Popularly known as a face to face interpreting, onsite interpretation is a popular and idealistic alternative way to communicate appropriately with global audience, when telephone interpretation is not possible in a moment. Such an in-person interpreting not only offers professional language support but also adds personal touch via human interaction and visual contact. Onsite interpretation service is very beneficial during complex or delicate affairs involving emotional challenges.

Face to face interpretation from Count of Languages

At Count of Languages, we completely understand how essential a multilingual communication is for an international business to reach a wider client base or for an individual or community to spread the word across the world. Therefore, we bring you a professional onsite interpreting service that is one of its kinds in terms of accuracy and quality. We not only interpret the words in target language, we go that extra mile to convey the source speaker’s tone by reading his / her facial expression and body language.

Our sophisticated group of face to face interpreters is highly competent in interpreting in 400 plus world languages. Whether you need an interpreting service for events, meetings or for conferences that usually involves a huge number of individuals in need of linguistic support, our language interpreters are adept in meeting your needs as per your expectations. We do not confine our onsite interpretation service to business; we extend our reliable expertise for legal interviews, court hearings, ad hoc group discussions, delegations, medical situations, non-profits, etc. Our language interpreters are well-versed in providing two types of face to face interpretation that include:

Onsite consecutive interpreting - In this type of interpretation the interpreter carefully listens and takes notes while the source speaker speaks. Once the speaker is done verbalizing the complete idea or given phrase, then the interpreter conveys the message by the source speaker in a target language, in a regular succession.

Onsite simultaneous interpreting - This is a real- time communication that requires specialized interpretation skills. In case of simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages, the interpreter in a close soundproof booth interprets without any pause while the source speaker is still speaking. If an interpretation is required in only one language, then this can be conducted in-person.

What to expect from our in-person interpreting services?

  • Accredited and qualified onsite interpreters
  • Dependable and quality service
  • Confidentiality of data
  • High standards of professionalism
  • Effective interpretation at competitive cost
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • Fitting linguist for any subject matter
  • 24/7 communication support
  • Availability by both appointment and in emergency
  • Greater customer satisfaction guaranteed

One-stop solution for multiple interpretation needs

Trust Count of Languages to gain an easy and quick access to highly proficient interpreters along with the all-important high-tech translation equipment that is latest in the industry. Our face to face interpretation setup holds good for both boastful and small settings such as concert halls and discussion rooms, respectively. Therefore, Wait no more; experience accurate onsite interpretations every time with our language interpreter at your site. Get in touch with us for dedicated face to face interpreting services in any global language.

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