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Media is undeniably a principal gateway to interact with global audience. Whether your purpose for communication with the world is casual or purely professional, media is the platform. Media is a multi-faced base that facilitates selling, business expansion, networking, information broadcasting, etc. However, this communication is meant to be expressed in a way that the audience understands and can relate to; and this is possible through the right media translation services provider.

Professional translation services for media sector from Count of Languages

We provide professional translation services to all kinds of media companies and publishing houses. We specialize in translation for advertising & branding initiatives, online marketing, public relations, multilingual events, etc. Our customized language solutions apart from helping you with your publishing translation requirements, also boosts your audience engagement index by way of translating the news articles, magazine or literature content and other media material in over 400 global languages.

Media content is a sensitive issue- a word can make or break the world. More than exactitude of concept, language and terminology, skill or the ability on the translator’s part to accentuate and trigger human emotions by way of metaphors and witticisms is what plays a major role in the context of media translation. Besides, publishing atmosphere is fast-paced and dynamic, demanding quick translation solutions. Therefore, our adept media translators, take complete responsibility of providing media translation services with consistent quality, correct intent and quick turn-around every time, without ignoring various aspects of human thoughts while translating.

We cover translation of the following publishing materials

  • Magazine content
  • News articles
  • Documentaries
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Brochures and related marketing materials
  • Press releases and full press kits
  • Blogs and books
  • TV and radio reports
  • Advertising materials
  • Corporate communications
  • Website content
  • Digital marketing content
  • PPC advertising translation
  • Invoices and letters from the customers

Whether you have something very important to tell the world, want your book to be translated or want to attract more international customers for your business, media translation can serve as the ideal communication and marketing maneuver. Reach your desired audience today, with media translation expertise from Count of Languages.

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