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Legal translation is a specialized culture-dependent type of translation of the source language into a target language within the field of law. Therefore, as a certified translation, it demands logical coherence, exactitude along with an in-depth understanding of the legal terms and the law persisting in a target country.Everything is becoming globalized at a faster pace and to cater to the overwhelming needs arising out of it, legal translation services are on the rise. However, with legal translation being a complex affair, choosing the right legal document translation provider that not only understands your needs but also is knowledgeable about the target country is very important.

Complete legal translation online from Count of Languages

We are a leading translation company online committed to provide professional legal documents translation service of top-notch quality. We understand that each country has its own set of laws and hence a moreunique, punctilious and professional approach is required for legal translation than for regular document translation. To deliver such an accurate document translation, our team of professional legal translators or global legal linguists actsattentively with paralegals, attorneys, legal consultants, etc.

Our translation service is much more to document translation. We transpose the whole legal concept rather than just translating word to word. We take into account the country-specific legal terminology very seriously so that you get a semantically perfect and high-quality document translation. The rigorous process does not just end here. The translated legal documents are thereafter thoroughly reviewed by our skilled editors cum language experts for preciseness of language, grammar and context.

We believe in long-term relationship with you and we respect your trust in us with regards to your most sensitive legal documents. Our servers and networks are secured with the latest technology to protect your data from unauthorized access. Therefore, you can be rest assured of the confidentiality of your privileged documents.

Highlights of our translation service include:

  • Complete legal translation solutions
  • Language experts for thorough editing
  • Quality auditing for error-free translation
  • Privacy of proprietary information assured
  • Efficient and faster turnaround every time
  • Budget-friendly legal translation services online

We offer legal translation for the following documents

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Corporate law
  • Contracts & agreements
  • Court reporting, notices and depositions
  • Correspondence and meeting minutes
  • Foreign decisions, treaties and declarations
  • Immigration process documentation
  • License agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Notices of appeal
  • Patents and patent infringement cases
  • Trial transcripts, exhibits and pleadings
  • Financial documents
  • Expert legal opinions
  • Statements of witness
  • Acts of law
  • Judicial transcripts
  • Litigation materials
  • Anti-corruption policies
  • Terms of use

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Regardless of the simplicity and complexity of the project, our skilled team of language experts, SMEs and legal staff is here to provide accurate and cost-efficient solutions for your legal translation requirements quickly. When you are on the lookout for dependable legal document translators who are well-versed with the global laws and legal matters, count on Count of Languages anytime from anywhere for any legal document translation.

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