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Ethiopia is quite diverse in its linguistic forms. A large number of different languages are widely spoken in the region. Some of the most known and widespread languages include Oromo Amharic, Somali, Tigrinya, Sidamo, and many more. According to Ethnologue, there are about 86 individual indigenous languages of the country of Ethiopia. There are also several dialects of the same language which are spoken widely. Also, most of the languages are from the associated family which includes the Semitic languages as well.

The language family and the linguistic diversity is also quite a variant in their own form. Like there are some of the languages which particularly belong from the Nile or Saharan languages group. Also, there are some of the other distinguished language family members of the group. In the complete languages of Ethiopia, there are 86 living languages and there are two languages that are particularly extinct. Among all of them, 41 of the languages are considered institutional languages and 14 of them are developing languages too. Also, there are some of the languages which are considered to be in the period of extinction.

The distribution of Ethiopian languages

The Ethiopian languages are quite diverse in their own form. There are differences with European languages which exist in today's forms and the developing with a fast-pace. Considering the same with the maximum amount of speakers of the language is of the Oromo language. There are about 24 million speakers of the Oroma language which accounts for about 33.8% population of the region. The same is followed by the Amharic language which has 21 million speakers which accounts for about 30% of the complete population. Some of the other notable languages include Somali and Arabic and Tigrinya.

In February 2020, the government has also announced that there are four new languages that are going to become part of a federal level official working languages to. The language group of the same languages is also quite diverse in its own form. There is not a particular language from a family from which the languages are related to each other.

How to find the best assistance in Ethiopian languages?

African languages are particularly centered around the regions of Africa. There are some of the other languages which are known universally, like in the case of Arabic but since the use of languages are particularly limited if you are looking forward to finding out the best assistant especially for Ethiopian assistant you need to make sure that you are assisting the service providers which are experienced on different languages. There is some sort of uniqueness related to other languages which are mostly contained in Ethiopia. There are numerous service providers which can effectively be helpful for you in giving the best Ethiopian assistant while you are going to have the Ethiopian interpretation in the US. What you need to make sure that you are choosing the right service providers which can provide a legitimate service.

Why choose count of languages?

Throughout the process of providing you the required and most legitimate Ethiopian assistant Count of language is always there to provide you the back. Our experienced service providers can easily be able to help you out when you are looking to find out the Ethiopia assistant for Ethiopian translation in the US. Our holistic approach can easily be able to provide language assistance while considering the required tone and the sector for which it is specific. Our other perks include providing complete confidentiality and punctuality on our esteemed services.

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