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The Danish language is a Scandinavian Germanic language that is spoken to about a population of 6 million people principally present in Denmark and Finland. Also, there is a amount of population present in the southern Schleswig which speak the same language. There is a large variety of population at other different parts of the globe in which the same language is spoken especially in those countries where the rate of immigration is quite high. Like some of the other North Germanic languages, the Danish language is also the descendant of old Norse languages which used to be the common language of the germanic people, especially from the Scandinavia region during the time of Viking era.

There are different languages that take the same consideration and similarities with the Danish language like in the case of Swedish. Both the languages are actually derived from the East Norse dialect group and they are further separated from both of them forming their own language. Due to the same region, there is high mutual intelligibility which can be seen in languages like Danish Norwegian, and Swedish which are spoken along the region of Scandinavia.

The geographical distribution of the Danish language

The Danish language is the native language of the people of Denmark. It is recognized as the official language in the kingdom of Denmark which includes Denmark and the Faroe Islands. Also, it has official status in the North East council and the European Union with some of the other members of the same of. The language is also recognized as a minority language in Greenland and Germany. The language has seen different evaluations over different periods of time especially during the time of the medieval era in which Danish particularly emerged as a different type of language from the Swedish language.

The Latin script is prescribed for writing the language. The language is now not the official language of Greenland but until 2009 it was considered as one of them. Mostly in Greenland the language is considered as a link of the branch for a population but is still there is a significant amount of population which speak the language as their mother tongue. It was also the official language of Iceland until the era of 1944 considering the same the language is still widely taught in schools as a mandatory subject and also as the foreign language after English.

How to find the best Danish assistance?

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