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Chin Language is also known as Hakka chin or lai is predominantly spoken in Myanmar by the people of the Zokhua and Lai speaking community. There is a total of about 440 6264 people recorded who speak the same language. The language belongs to the group of Kuki Chin language. It is a type of lingua franca for a large amount of population living in the Chinese state of Myanmar and is also a native population for different other provinces including Hakha, Thantlang, Matupi.

The language also has some population of language speakers in some of the other neighboring countries. The language is actually derived from the same Lai dialect and hence shares a different sort of mutual intelligibility with the same language. There is a resemblance of about 85% in the case of phonology. Especially the Falam chin speakers can be able to communicate with the Hakha speakers. This is actually due to the reason because there are a lot of similarities languages share with each other due to the native resemblance.

Geographical distribution of Chin

Chin language is predominantly spoken in some parts of Myanmar even though the language belongs to the group of Sino-Tibetan languages. It has different other roots of the system. The total population in Myanmar which speaks the language actually comes from the regions like Zokhua and Lai. There is a significant amount of population of about 2,000 speakers in the Zokhua region and 60,100 speakers in the Lai region. The language is also spoken as the link of language in some of the different parts of the Chin state.

The script or a Latin script along with the incorporation of Hakha alphabets. There are some of the other neighboring countries of Myanmar in which the same language is spoken in some other forms. The same includes Bangladesh and India. In India, there are some of the districts of the state of Mizoram in which the language is predominantly spoken. Also in the southernmost tip of Assam, there are some speakers of the English language. In India, the language has different other names like Lai Pawi.

How to find out the best language assistance in the Chin language

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