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Chamorro is among the family of Austronesian languages which are spoken about the population of 58000 people which is contained around the region of Mariana islands where the language has a large influence. Also, there are some other populations speaking the same language across different parts of the globe. The language is said to be the native tongue of the Chamorro island’s population. This is the population which is the indigenous population living in the area natively speak The language is indeed influenced by some of the other neighboring languages but it is different that unlike neighbors it does not classify as under the category of micronation Polynesian language.

On the other hand, it also comes under the same language group as the other languages of the region which comes under the branch name of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. After the end of the Spanish rule over the same region, it was thought that the language is a type of symmetrical language because it also describes a substantial amount of vocabulary from the Spanish language. It also shows a high level of intelligibility along with the Latin languages like Spanish.

The geographical distribution of the Chamorro language

Over the past century, the Chamorro language has seen a wide dropped in language fluency. it was also further estimated that 75% population cannot be easily able to write the language. This is actually the outcome of the Spanish-American war of the same time. Furthermore, over 2000 it was also shown by the US census that fewer than 20% of the population living in the Canon region can speak their Heritage language fluently. The language is actually from the part of Guam and is also recognized as the official language of the same part. It also has official status in the Northern Mariana Islands. The Chamorro language has a total of about 24 phonemes which also includes 18 consonants and vowels over the same language.

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