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Different languages of East Asia Cambodian is also one of the most predominant languages of the same region. The language is also known by its more popular name which is the Khmer language. As per the different estimates of the government, there are about 16 million native speakers of the same language which are especially from the region of Cambodia. It belongs to the proto-mon-Khmer family and is also the official language of Cambodia. There are different other forms of the same language and also resembles a different such quality with some of the other adjacent neighboring languages like Vietnamese. It is a type of Austro-Asiatic language and is the second most spoken Austroasiatic language after Vietnamese. There are different other languages that influence the Cambodian language which includes Sanskrit and Pali. It is actually due to the reason of the religious intermixing between the two regions. The influence of Hinduism and Buddhism later the influence of Sanskrit and Pali in the Cambodian language.

The languages have different historical periods in which they evolved. There are different stone carvings from about 600 CE where it was predominantly spoken. After the same and different linguistic studies, it shows that the language while intermixing is some of the other adjacent languages. The language was started and is spoken widely in the 19th century during the reign of the Khmer empire.

Geographic distribution of Cambodian language

As the name already suggested Cambodian is the official language of Cambodia and is spoken widely by the particular set of people known as Khmer. Overall about 13 million speakers are present in Cambodia and there are also some of the other locations where a significant amount of population can be found.

Especially in the region of Southern Vietnam or, there are different population which speaks Cambodian language as their native tongue. Thailand is also another adjacent country that includes a significant amount of population of about 1.4 million native speakers of Cambodia and the language. There are different dialects of the same language which are mutually intelligible. There is some sort of notable variations which can be found on some of the dialogues but are understandable. Especially the dialects vary among rural and urban areas.

Why you need language assistance in the Cambodian language?

The Cambodian language is quite a predominant Austroasiatic language but the language assistance of the same language is a bit more limited especially in the western countries. To actually find out the real assistance you need to work a little bit and struggle for the same. There are different instances in which people generally wonder that how they can easily be able to find out the language assistance which is particularly accurate. Finding out the Cambodian interpretation in Europe is not as easy a task as you think. Full accuracy and precision should also be the criteria on the basis of which you need to consider such services.

Why Count of languages?

Among different types of service providers finding out the best Cambodian translation in the USA can be a troubling task for you. At all just times getting the Cambodian assistant is not as difficult as you might think. You can get reliable services if you are considering the rest services of the count of Languages for the same. Our experts are particularly experienced in the same field and provide the estimated services over different criteria. They always maintain our accuracy in all such fields and on the basis of the same always try to enhance the language of assistance particularly. Whether it is any sort of documentation work in Cambodian or translation and interpretation the assistance, count of languages can always be fruitful option for you.

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