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The Manipuri language is the predominant language of Assam and is a part of an Indo-Aryan language family, especially in the North-eastern part of India. The total number of speakers of the Manipuri language is about 40 million speakers which are mostly contained in the North-eastern part of India. For various different people, the same Language also serves as a lingua franca of the same reason. There are different other languages that also belong to the same route and as the same, the language further also has different variants over different parts and states of India along with some of the other eastern and Aryan languages. Manipuri is the type of language which evolved over different parts of the region and also during and before the 7th century CE. The other languages which share the same origin include Manipuri, Bengali Maithili, and many more.

In which geographical locations is it predominantly spoken?

Manipuri is the official language of the state of Assam and is also recognized as one of the scheduled languages of India. It has a total of about 14 million speakers which are mostly contained in the North-eastern part of India especially in the state of Assam. The language actually originated from the old Indo-Aryan dialects and over time it was developed into different new forms. here are different functions and periods in which the same language is evolved over time. The early Manipuri, middle Manipuri, modern Manipuri are some different parts of the language system. The language is native to the people of Assam having the same or different ancestry. Also, the language is spoken in some of the other states of India including Nagaland. The language is written in Manipuri script and also some other unique scripts are also used in other geographical locations where it is a minority language.

Translation and interpretation services in Manipuri are required?

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