Interpretation and translation services for government sector

With immigrants flowing in continuously each day, every country has become a mix of population from different geographies today. Due to such ever-expanding linguistic diversity, the government sectors are witnessing a great need for documentation and localization in all the major languages across the globe; including some of the rare languages for communicating with immigrants and LEPs, if the need be. And to cater to this demand for professional language support, there are many well-known and reliable government language services available online.

Linguistic support for government sector from Count of Languages

Count of Languages is a stable company with strong ability to offer professional interpretation and translation services in 200 plus world languages. We have an enormous experience in providing foreign language support to government at a federal, state and local level. While our government language translation service caters to the translation of print, voice and web projects, our government interpreting service deals with communicating the spoken word accurately without altering the meaning and context via simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Besides, we ensure, 100% confidentiality of the projects.

Our government language service team includes only highly skilled and native-speaking translators and interpreters who are not only experts in foreign languages and foreign affairs but are also furnished with cultural knowledge.

Common government projects our language service caters to include:

Count of Languages extends expertise to government in various projects such as international development, enterprise development, forest conservation, health & social services, world climate changes, water conservation, etc.

  • Translation of documents related to government programs
  • Multilingual interpreting of awareness campaigns by government for different states
  • Translation of desktop publishing of government reports in multiple languages
  • Translation of documents and forms supporting foreign residents in the country

Thus, with the help of latest technologies, language experts and specialized dictionaries, we commit to deliver accurate, professional, quick and quality government translation and interpretation services. Contact Count of Languages for reliable and secure foreign language assistance in minutes.

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