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Everyday life, economy, education, government or, society cannot advance without the usage of documents. Thus, document translationhas become a cardinal communication tool in today's world; through which, language and cultural barriers are becoming lesslesser in significance or important. Thanks to increasing document translation services online, encouraging businesses and people to extend their presence across the globe with ease and confidence. Without them, such a seamless universal communication would not have been a possible reality.

Push your business or personal boundaries with document translation services from Count of Languages

As one of the reliable document translation agencies, Count of Languages incessantly strives to bring in state-of the-art document translation methodologies online so that you as a business person or individual can block of the geographical limits and be a part of the growing world with relief.

For business - If you are a company thinking of expansion abroad or seeking an automated technology to deal with large volumes of content, then our time-tested and quality-driven document translation service online is the right choice for your business needs.

For individuals - If you want a safe, secure and affordable translation of personal documents related to your studies, career or personal life, then trust the carefully crafted translation solutions online from Count of Languages and keep your privacy concerns at bay.

Baked in benefits of our document translation services:

  • Best way to meet demand for internalization
  • Ability to do business effectively, globally
  • Precise translation and timely delivery
  • Assured excellence of quality
  • Usage of right and relevant industry terminology
  • Confidentiality of data guaranteed
  • 100 % client satisfaction
  • Document translation online in all file formats

Count of Languages covers a wide range of documents

Our dedicated team of document translators online are proficient in translating both paper and electronic documents- be it simple or complex documents, needing thorough understanding of the subject. We translate the following documents, that are not limited to-

Academic Documents Translation- This service includes translation of includes translation of education certificates, journals, articles, thesis, course materials, dissertations, presentations, books, etc.

Application Translation - We translate job applications and college or university applications so that job seekers can conveniently apply for a job in foreign country while students can pursue their studies abroad.

Personal Documents Translation- Personal documents such as letters, diaries, biographies, including certified documents- birth certificates, marriage certificates, personal will, divorce certificate, adoption certificate that demand confidentiality and veracity are covered via this translation service.

Corporate Documents Translation - Business needs are many and corporate documents translation service caters to inter-lingual rendition of manuals/ brochures, press releases, official websites, business letters, receipts, blogs, employee handbooks, market research reports, technical documents, e-mails, etc.

Thus, be it a certified translation, business documents or academic documents translation, we have the relevant experience and professional translation team with the right cultural & linguistic expertise to deliver the best of quality, accuracy and speed at no extra costs. Choose our unfailing and turnkey translation services online today and be part of a quickly growing team of satisfied clients.

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