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Professional conference interpreting services in 400 plus languages

International conferences are imperative for a successful business and such large conferences or meetings are undeniably multilingual events. Inability of the guests to understand the conversation in a right sense due to language barriers can invite miscommunication and in the end, the purpose of the conference is not met. This means, right tools and services are essential for you and your attendees to converse smoothly despite the differences in the spoken language. In such situations, conference interpreting services are no less than a boon.

Conference interpretation is one of the chiefly practiced applications that conveys a speaker’s message (spoken in one language) accurately and without altering its meaning in another language or languages which the guests can relate to and understand. Conference interpreting is conducted in 3 modes- simultaneous, consecutive and relay interpretation. However, simultaneous interpretation is the most popular and the extensively used fashion in which the conference interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker via electronic equipment. Consecutive interpretation is another familiar form that involves the interpreters repeating post the message by the speaker and is ideal for small discussion groups. Today, there are many conference interpreting providers that can assist you with language support for international summits, bilateral or multilateral meetings, professional seminars, etc.

Why choose Count of Languages for conference interpreting?

It is fair and simple, if only a single language is spoken at the conference. However, if the conference involves multiple languages then there is a high chance of indispensable information getting lost during the course. Therefore, we at Count of Languages via our highly reputed and trusted conference interpreting services constantly strive to ensure that each and every member receive and understand the complete essence of the information shared in the conference.

Our team of highly skilled conference interpreters has a proven track record of communicating the speaker’s meaning correctly and in an efficient manner. Be it a conference or a convention, our interpreters are experienced and adept in offering both simultaneous and consecutive mode of interpreting in any world language or area of specialization. Thus, we guarantee interpreting and linguistic services of highest quality, no matter what.

Conference interpretation for all kinds of conference elements

Count of Languages understands the various aspects, both simple and complex, involved in the organizing conferences. We are also aware that no two conferences are the same and therefore we customize our conference interpreter services as per the client’s need. Thus, irrespective of the level, language and size of the conference, we offer effective interpretation without any hassles. Few of the multiple situations wherein our professional interpreting services come handy include:

  • Presentation concerning large number of people in need of interpretation in several languages
  • International group of representatives of delegates and exhibition kiosks
  • Meetings involving smaller groups
  • Person-to-person discussions
  • Business education programs and lectures

Bid good bye to communication barriers between languages

Large conference coming up? Get in touch with Count of Languages for help with choosing the appropriate interpretation service that best suit your needs and to run your conference flawlessly without missing a thing. Enjoy successful multi-cultural and multilingual communications for your conference with the right conference interpreting services from us.

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