Certified Translation Services

Effective translation of your important certificates

Often, there comes a need, wherein, professional and accurate translation of essential documents, usually legal, academic and official, are required and this is where certified document translation services play their role. As the name implies, certified translation is a type of translation service, which is offered only by highly qualified and authorized certified translators, who provide a signed statement certifying that the translated document is a true and precise rendering of the original text.

The need for certified document translation services

Certified document translations are needed in a broad range of situations such as immigration, passport office usage, education application & enrollment, employment, real estate, medical, etc. However, their importance is widely apparent in legal proceedings and government departments including local, state and federal. Majority of the government agencies consider a translated document valid only if it is duly attested and produced in a proper relevant format. Therefore, accurate and professional certified translations services are needed to a greater extent.

Certified translations services online from Count of Languages

When you need the best translators, transparent process, quick turnaround and superior confidentiality of your information, then choose Count of Languages. We are a trusted certified translation company with years of rich expertise in rendering extraordinary document translation services of high quality, including USCIS certified translation over an online platform. We not only understand your serious need for certified documents in foreign language but also realize the relevancy and accuracy you desire in matters of document translation.

At Count of Languages, we constantly endeavor for perfection and professionalism in whatever translation projects we undertake. Therefore, we recruit only the best document translators and native speakers. Our team of certified translators and linguists are not only skilled but are well-versed in over 200 languages. They possess the needed authority to endorse the veracity of the translated documents and hence are able to attest your translation in accordance to the target country easily and quickly.

Thus, all the document translations delivered by us come accompanied with a certificate of accuracy declaring that the translations are accurate and complete to the best of our efficient certified translators' knowledge and ability.

Typical documents that we translate include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Passports
  • Divorce documents
  • Drivers licenses
  • Legal statements
  • High school and university applications
  • Academic enrollment paperwork
  • Medical records
  • Police clearances
  • Employment references
  • Adoption records and papers
  • Wills & last testaments
  • Asylum statements
  • Academic transcripts
  • Foreign patents
  • Depositions
  • Foreign bank statements
  • Interrogatories

Get ready for translate your crucial documents now

Whether you are looking for certified document translation services to study or work abroad; migrate to a foreign country and settle there; or grow your business at an international level, we are here to help you with your global communication needs. Reach us to know more about our certified translation services online and get timely assistance to take advantage of the opportunities in the moment.

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