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                        Language Translation and Interpretation in German

Count of Languages offers high-quality German translation services across industries. Our dedicated team can efficiently handle German certified translation work as well as German localization projects, ensuring the highest level of quality in each task we take up.

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Round the Clock German Document Translation Services

We understand the importance of quick turnaround time when offering translation services. Hence, we are open round the clock catering to clients from all time zones and across industry verticals.

Whether your requirement is in the space of Science & Tech, Health & Medicine, Travel & Tourism, Fashion & Lifestyle, Legal documents, or any other field, our native German speakers will offer you high-quality, specialized translation work in your preferred domain.

We Take Pride in Reducing Language Barrier by Offering Quality Work While Meeting the Deadline!

Why Partner with Count of Languages for German Translation Services

German Translation Services in all Domains

24/7 Support Assisting Clients from All Time Zones

5-Step Quality Check Before Final Submission

Affordable Pricing

Meet Deadlines

Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) Services

In-Person Interpretation Services

Top-Level Localization Services by Native German Speakers

German Translation Services

Our highly qualified and experienced German translators work on every document with utmost dedication to come up with the best form of translation so that the meaning, approach, tone of voice, and flow remains intact in the target language. No matter what your requirement is, we will always provide high-quality translation services within the deadline and meet your expectations.  

German Localization Services

We understand the value of cultural heritage and how natives speak a different tongue in their region. Hence, we offer localization support to make your content understandable by the native people. Be it a website, application, video game, user manuals, a text document, or any videos, we translate the same in the local tone and make it easily understandable by your target audience. 

German Language Services

German Translation Services

We use qualified native German translators for your translation projects. 100% quality is assured with all our translations.

German Transcriptions

We provide certified translation services for immigration, legal

German Certified Translations

We provide German transcription services for all of your audio and video transcription needs.

German Interpreting Services

We provide German interpreters to public and private sectors, we use carefully handpicked translators for your needs.

German Telephone Interpreting

Our telephone interpreting services saves you costs on translator travelling times, and we can provide interpreter within 2 hours of service notice.

German Video Remote Interpreting

We provide Video Remote Assistance and providing the efficiency of on-demand video telecommunication Technology.

German Interpretation Services

When it comes to German interpretation services, you can very well count on the Count of Languages. Our expert over the phone interpreters (OPI) as well as in-person interpreters can efficiently reduce the language gap between two people. Whether you require English to German or German to English support, we are always available for you.

Increase Corporate Communication with German Translation Services

Do you deal with European clients in your business and looking for a steady language partner to support you in your 360-degree communications? Count on the top-notch services provided by Count of Languages by expert native German speakers.

We provide German translation services in all possible business verticals regardless of the complexity or volume of the work. Our precise document translation and localization services are meant to make your corporate communication quick and convenient. Here is a list of services you will get by associating with the professional team of Count of Languages:

Marketing Copy

Advertising Materials


User Manuals

Employee Handbooks





Digital products

Count of Languages is a host of many highly qualified German speakers to provide you the best language support and make your communication more effective.

German to English Translation Services

At Count of Languages, we believe that it is important to reach out to your business partners and communicate efficiently. To enhance trade with other countries, you will require German to English translation services, and this is where we fit in; by making your communication in English convenient and quick. From marketing materials to advertisement copies to the language in any application, we translate all into English to communicate better with your business partners.

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