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Professional interpretation services for effective global communication

Earlier, interpreting was understood as mere relay of words in a foreign language. But today, this linguistic discipline has evolved as a refined process of communication of spoken or signed language between users of different language. The importance of interpretation is unquestionably multidimensional. It plays a critical role in both global business and everyday life by easing the communication in any foreign language. Today, many professional interpreting services are available online to facilitate such a clear exchange of oral communication.

Widely speaking, interpretation services are of two kinds- simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting. Simultaneous interpretation is a process wherein, an interpreter on-site listens to the speaker and communicates it directly in real-time. Consecutive interpretation on the other hand, involves the speaker to pause for every few minutes for the interpreter to understand and interpret clearly to the audience. While the former type of interpretation is suitable for larger conferences, the latter serves best for small formal and informal meetings.

Manage your interpreting needs seamlessly with Count of Languages

Count of Languages is the trusted interpreting service provider with a highly trained team of qualified linguists offering interpretation in more than 200 languages, 24/7. Our bilingual interpreters with years of expertise and subject knowledge are also well-versed in using the right terminology in the right context at any given moment; thus, maintaining the diplomacy and professionalism in a balanced way. Not just that, our qualified language interpreters do not stop with just word-for-word relaying in a foreign language; they go a step ahead understanding that the process of interpretation can only be justified completely when the importance of tone, emotion and intention are also relayed along with the evocable.

We always strive for providing you with the perfect partner for your interpreting needs. Therefore, we do not pick interpreters just randomly; we evaluate and match interpreters in accordance with their relevant industry experience, lingual power, technical know-how, and dialect proficiency. Besides, we do consider your personal or business environment and audience prior to keying out the suitable interpreter to meet your requirements the best.

Benefits of our interpreting services online

  • Effective communication of the spoken word
  • Affordable language interpretation services
  • Convenience of live and on-demand interpreters
  • Clear and accurate communication guaranteed
  • Most qualified interpreters and linguists at service
  • Ideal interpretation service for any industry
  • Advanced telephone and online interpreting technology

Types of global interpreting services we offer

Onsite Interpretation Service - Also known as face-to face interpreting service, it serves as the best alternative when you need professional language support with a personal touch. On-site interpreting service is ideal for lengthy meetings, group interviews and highly sensitive and comple interpretation assignments.

Telephone Interpretation Service - Over the phone interpretation (OPI) is an on-demand service that facilitates an easy and quick access to a professional interpreter via a toll-free number when having an interpreter on-site is not a viable choice.

Conference Interpretation Service - Conference interpreting service is the right option for high level events and meetings related to business or industry. It involves specialized audio equipment that cuts off the need for a speaker to pause in between while interpreting is on.

Video Remote Interpretation Services (VRI) - This comes with a dual benefit of telephone interpretation service and on-site interpretation service. VRI involves secure connection to a live and professional language interpreter via a PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

We understand that conforming to the multiple needs of various clients and keeping the costs to minimum at the same time, demands an assemblage of on-site, OPI, conference and VRI services. Therefore, we assure a professional and productive global interpretation service regardless of the mode of delivery.

Need help with interpreting ?

Reliable, convenient and quality interpreting services from Count of Languages cover a broad spectrum of industries including business, law, healthcare, conference education, government and religion but not limited to. Be it face to face meetings, audio and video conferences or phone calls, get complete range of interpretation services online in any language of your choice with zero margin of error and with no hassles. Discover the interpreting service that best suits your individual or personal needs. Contact us straightaway for real-time language conversion, anywhere at any time.

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